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What are Domain Names?

Most Domain Names consist of two parts. A Top Level Domain (TLD) which is the last part of the Domain such .com or and often referred to as the Domain Extension and the Second Level Domain (SLD) which will often be the name of a business or organisation.

Domain Name Registration

One of the first things to consider for your website is a Domain Name. Domains Names are used to identify your website and enable people to remember and find you on the internet.
It is important to do some research before choosing a domain name. If you intend to be active on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, for brand consistency it is worth checking whether the name you want is also available as a username or page name on the social networking sites you intend to use.
We can help you to find and register suitable Domain Names as well as associated social media accounts. Just let us know using any contact form on this site and we’ll get back to you asap with some available suggestions.
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Already own a Domain Name?

Many businesses already own a Domain Name with a different provider. We usually recommend transferring the Domain to us to manage for you to benefit from ongoing FREE annual renewals (for UK Domains). If you’re unsure about how to transfer your Domain Name, we are happy to do this for you or provide detailed instructions.

If you prefer not to transfer your Domain Name to us that is okay too. Certain Domain names cannot be transferred for a specified time after purchasing depending on where you purchased it. Some companies even charge a fee to transfer out your domain (We don’t do this) so we recommend checking beforehand.
Your domain name can usually be linked to your web hosting account without transferring it. This involves changing the DNS settings in your domain control panel and it’s very easy to do. We can advise how to do this when your website is ready to launch.
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Why Transfer?

Your Website won’t be affected by not transferring your Domain Name however, we recommend transferring your UK Domain Name to take advantage of our FREE Domain renewals. It also means you’ll have one less provider to deal with.

Domain Ownership

Transferring your Domain Name to us does not affect the ownership of the Domain.

Domain Name Prices

Below is a list of Domain Name prices for the various TLD’s available with D Woodley Website Design & Hosting. While we try to maintain this list we cannot guarantee that it is always up to date so please contact us to confirm the prices shown below.

FREE UK Domain Name

FREE UK Domain Name and/or annual renewals included with our Fully Managed Hosting Account
From FREE to £9.70 Per Year
From FREE to £9.70 Per Year
From FREE to £9.70 Per Year

Other Domains available.

.biz .com .eu .info .name .net .org
£12.70 Per Year
.club .futbol .nagoya .onl .qpon .xyz
£13.30 Per Year
.agency .blue .center .company .dance .directory .education .email .equipment .exposed .gallery .graphics .institute .international .kim .lighting .management .ninja .photography .photos .pink .red .report .reviews .shiksha .solutions .supplies .supply .support .systems .technology .tips .today
£18.70 Per Year
£19.99 Per Year
.academy .bargains .bike .boutique .builders .cab .camera .camp .cards .catering .cheap .cleaning .clothing .coffee .community .computer .construction .contractors .cool .democrat .domains .enterprises .estate .events .farm .fish .florist .foundation .glass .guru .house .immobilien .industries .jetzt .kitchen .land .link .marketing .parts .plumbing .productions .properties .rentals .repair .shoes .social .solar .tools .training .uno .vacations .vision .watch .wiki .works .zone
£24.00 Per Year
.buzz .ink .kiwi .menu .trade .webcam
£29.50 Per Year
,careers .codes .condos .cruises .dating .diamonds .expert .flights .gift .holdings .holiday .limo .maison .partners .pics .recipes .ruhr .sexy .tienda .ventures .viajes .villas .voyage
£34.90 Per Year
£40.30 Per Year
£51.10 Per Year
£61.90 Per Year
.guitars .photo .tattoo
£67.30 Per Year
Prices subject to change without notice, please get in touch to confirm Domain prices.