‘Do you really need a Website?’ may seem like an odd question to ask coming from a web designer and of course, the obvious answer is a resounding Yes! It is important however to understand why.

When taking into account the statistics on web use in the UK, the reason becomes even more obvious. In fact, you could argue that as a nation, we are obsessed with the internet. Whether we want to believe it or not.

Mobile Web UseIn 2016 over 93% of the UK population had used the internet at some point. That’s roughly 60 Million people, or to put it another way; 60 Million potential customers! Much of the increased usage in recent years can be put down to mobile use and today more people use the internet on their mobile devices than desktop computers. Older people are also getting in on the act with over 65’s increasing their internet use by by nearly 33% over the previous year.

We’d be mad not to get our businesses online right?

UK Small Businesses Stats

It may surprise you to hear that research carried out in 2015 by GoDaddy of UK Small Businesses revealed that 60% of small businesses were yet to get their business online.

The same research also suggested that 60% of businesses who did have websites we’re more confidant about the future of their businesses, expecting growth of up to 50% in the next 3 to 5 years while 50% of business without websites believed their businesses would fail to grow over the same time period. They might not be far wrong; the survey discovered that businesses with a website experienced a 56% increase in growth in the 2 years following their launch online. 75% of businesses with websites believed they had an advantage over their competitors.

Google SearchThe research was based on information gathered from over 500 small businesses (5 employees or less) in the UK. 35% of those companies believed their business was too small to require a website. Other reasons given for not having a website included the cost of building one and the lack of time to create one. Despite this, a third of those businesses said they were planning on having a website built within the next 2 years.
If these figures are indicative of the small business sector overall, that means there are roughly 3 million small businesses without websites in the UK.

Is your business on the internet yet?
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